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Saturday, September 26, 2015

National Piano Month

The piano was introduced to the musical world during the late 18th century. It had been invented earlier but took several decades before the instrument had become a favorite of composers and performers alike. The two major schools of piano were located in Vienna and London. The original pianos were large but as the piano aged it started to have many variations with the square piano being first and later the upright. Soon pianos would start showing up in homes.

The 19th century saw the instrument grow larger and more powerful. It was becoming a primary source of entertainment and learning to play the piano became part o childhood education. The U.S. became major producers of the instrument with early centers in Philadelphia, boston, and new York. The mid 20th century saw the decline of the piano with other forms of home entertainment competed with the piano. Pianos are still found in many homes and public buildings.

Do you play the piano? I simply love piano music and love to see the talent that many have. However, I do not play the piano. While I did play in the band the piano is not an instrument I learned to play.

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