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Friday, September 25, 2015

September is Classical Music Month

September is classical music month. Many of you may be saying this is not for you, well wait a minute give it a chance you may be very surprised. Some may say it is boring but there may be something there for you. Not all songs of the same genre are created equal and while some may be slow and made like that others are fast paced.

Classical music is an artful type of music that was created in the traditions of western music and encompasses a broad span of time between the 11th century and present day. Western music composers pay much attention to pitch, speed, meter and rhythms. Classical music also has highly sophisticated forms of instrumental music . Two well known classical composers are Bach and Beethoven who appeared during the golden age of classical music.

Broaden your musical knowledge by attending a classical concert or enjoying some classical music online. For your listening enjoyment we have shared a couple that you might like.

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