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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Hunger Action Month

Wow!! That is what I thought when I found the fact from Feeding America  that 1 in every 6 people faces hungry. That number includes more than 1 in every 5 children. The total number is almost 50 million people. September is Hunger Action Month is geared to let everyone that cares to get involved.

I have had the unfortunate time of being hungry. I know that we have all been hungry before. My child daily tells me that when they get home from work they are hungry (well sometimes they say starving) The truth is that they may be hungry but they know they will find something to eat soon. It is the times that you are hungry, the cupboards are bare you have no idea what to feed the kids or where it will come from that is  the problem. As a young teen mother I often faced the danger of not being able to feed my large family but somehow we always came through. There were a few nights that me and their dad sat back served the kids and if there was something left we shared it. I feel for those that face hunger whether they are single or have a family.

The number of those facing hungry is growing. This includes those working and non-working, elderly, families and adults of every age. There is potential to help reduce the number if we all work together. Individuals face the challenge of having something to eat or going with out their medicine or other needed items.

What you can do to help this:

Get active: You can actively do your part and have fun doing it:
Having a football party, barbq, bonfire, or other get together? Put the call out for can goods. Have each guest bring a few things to be donated to the food pantry.
Put together a bake sale at your job site. Everyone needs a break and what goes better with a break than a delicious baked snack. Whether it be cookies or cupcakes or whatever sell it for a good cause. Remind each other that there is a need and the money that is raised goes toward that need

Shop Smart:
use those buy 1 get 1 sales by keeping one that you buy and donating the free can or product.

volunteer at food pantry besides food and money  they always need volunteers that are able to help.


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