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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Are You Aware of the Danger

September is baby safety month. Perhaps, this is a good time for your to take a look around your house for hidden dangers for the smallest in the home. Here are a few things you may not think about but can be danger to your baby or young child:

Magnets that are small and can easily go in the mouth can be swallowed by children. Magnets attach inside the body just like they do outside the body. Because of this they have the ability to cause internal damage to the baby or young child. Tip: keep magnets high enough on your fridge so little hands can not reach. If you fear your child has swallowed a magnet seek medical attention at once.

Be aware of product recalls. It does not matter if you purchase in store or somewhere else the product recalls are there to protect those that use their products. You can check for any product recalls at the website

I am one of six siblings and can remember that one of my brothers whenever possible would eat, drink and swallow what ever he would find. One of his favorites was any loose change that he found. I can remember many times my mother doing things that would not be allowed now days such as shaking him upside down as a coin got stuck in his throat. While she saved him the thing that would have saved all the trouble is to make sure not to lay change around. Change often ends up on tables, in couch cushions, in the laundry room floor and many other places. Children like my brother are curious and ingest them. Tip: keep a jar or bowl where loose change goes up out of reach for children this will not only help you to take care of the danger but also help you save your change.

children learning to walk will often pull up on objects that may not be sturdy. This often results in a tip over and if heavy objects are on top the little children may be hurt seriously. Tip: ensure all furniture and televisions are secured to the wall.
The rule at my mother in laws house, my house and my children's house is when cooking is going on there is no children around. My oldest son was visiting my sils house when he was a toddler and fell on the oven door, ended up with third degree burns. Not only the oven door but the handles to pots and pans can be pulled over and allowing children to be scalded and burned. This actually happened to my grand-father who nearly died as a young boy when the grease was pulled over his head and he was burnt head to toe, burning one of his ears half way off. My grand-father did live or I would not be here but what a danger to children.
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