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Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer Organization Tips

To me and many others Memorial Day is a wonderful day to remember but it also the day that many great things happen. Summer things that is the pool opens, many grill out and all try to enjoy the great weather that marks the beginning of summer I thought that I would share a few summer organization tips with you because life always seems easier when I am organized and no better time to relax a bit than summer time.

Make sure you are ready for grilling time by creating a place where you will keep all the barbecue supplies that your family will use. Know where the material you use for the grill whether it be charcoal, wood, wood chips, lighter fluid, spatula, and any other accessories you use are. It is very easy to organize these materials in a crate or other place. By having everything organized you will know where it all is when you need them.

If you have a swimming pool that you enjoy using to get out of the summer heat It is so much easier to clean a pool, play in the pool and simply enjoy the pool if you know where all materials needed for the pool are. A great idea is to keep the chlorine, testers, pool patches, brushes and anything else that you use to keep the pool clean in one place consistently. Having your children keep the pool toys in a tub near the pool is another great idea so that when they are swimming they will not have to look for that one item that they are looking for.

Summer time is full of fun but there are those chores that must be done as well. Mowing the grass, gardening, washing the car, cleaning out the garage and even as I mentioned above cleaning the pool are all jobs that must be done in the summer time There is no reason why the whole family can not get involved with the work that needs to be done so everyone can enjoy fun in the sun. Make a summer chore schedule where jobs are assigned to members of the family even the youngest member can help with some outside chores such as help in the garden, cleaning the yard prior to mowing it, etc... 

Organize some family outings that are either free or low-cost can often be easily located in your local newspaper. In our area there are art fairs, festivals, outdoor concerts, sporting events, library summer programs and more. Find out what is going on in your neighborhood and organize your calendar to take advantage of a few of these.
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