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Friday, May 27, 2011

Delicious Avocado Egg Salad Recipe

Guest post written by Joyce Finnigan

Now that my kids are in school, it gets a little boring around the house during the day. So I'm trying to find better ways to use up my time. I thought that I would do some catching up with my sister so I invited her over for lunch and just to hang out during the day. Even though we spent time together over the holidays, it's not like you can catch up while you're running after little kids the whole time.

She's always been a really great cook and is always sending me over recipes that she's recently found. So I really wanted to fix her a nice meal with something that's a l! ittle different. I went online to find some ideas for that and when I was doing that I came across a  that sounded really great. So after i read through that some, i decided to sign up for a new broadband service.

I found a avocado egg salad recipe that sounded really neat so I'm going to fix that for her. But I also need to find something else to serve too.

this was a guest post that I did recieve monetary payment for. I hope that you still check out the recipe and enjoy it

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