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Friday, May 27, 2011

Aloha Friday

Aloha Friday a welcoming meme that allows bloggers to greet and meet each other by doing what those in Hawaii do taking it easy to prepare for the weekend and what a weekend we have in front of us. So my question for Aloha Friday today is:

What does Memorial Day mean to you?

Memorial day to me is a day of remembering. My mother and grandmother and many others used this day to visit cemeteries to honor those that have passed with beautiful flowers. To tell you that thinking of those individuals and honoring them does not pull at my heart even now would be an understatement. My mother never really had a lot of money to buy wreaths, grave blankets or other decorations so she made her own. She would go through out the yard where there were many beautiful plants in bloom and make bouquets of lilacs, roses, lillies and other flowers that were in full bloom in the yard. Mason jars were the vases of choice to hold the beautiful flowers. These would be left at each grave from my great grandparents on up. So that is part of what Memorial Day means to me honoring those who have passed. Now as I have grown older I also see those that I did not know are to be honored as well. Those that stood up and made our country proud are to be honored for sure. These men and women are awesome and all should be honored. Memorial Day is also a day to get together and enjoy the family at a picnic, ballgame or other event. Many times Memorial Day is considered the sign of summer as the local pool opens and the attitude that comes with summer is apparent.


  1. I think that is so cool your mom made all her own wreaths and such from the flowers in her yard - that makes them even more special! :)

    I definitely always look at Memorial Day as a day of remembering - we usually put up our flags on the front of the house this weekend and leave them up until Labor Day weekend. :)

    Your link wasn't working over at Aloha Friday - but I found you anyway. ;) Have a great Memorial Day weekend, Annie! :)

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  2. Your mom sounds like a fabulous woman. It's a day for us to remember all those and the servicemen who are gone. It was a big day for my Dad who also served so it means a lot to me.


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