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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dei Fratelli All Natural Products Review

We have had the privilege as of late to review products from dei Fratelli. Dei Fratelli is a four generation family owned company that takes its produce as serious as it does family traditions and good cooking. Pride is taken in the fact that their products are made up of the finest ingredients possible. The freshness in their food comes out strongly in their product leaving the dishes I cooked with a taste that was superior. They take pride in the fact that their products are made up of the finest ingredients possible and the fact that they know where the tomatoes they use come from because the company grows them from tiny seedlings Coming from a family of farmers I know how important this is to know exactly where your food comes from, how it was grown and trusting how great it will taste.

The history of the Dei Fratelli product reaches back four generations The families of Hirzel and Dei Fratelli have achieved the reputation as a strong, honest, family oriented brand that strives to keep the strong sense of integrity in their selves as well as their product. They work hard to bring that great taste to your families kitchen. Farming families are some of the  hardest people that I know. They work the earth to achieve a product that not only they are proud of but they want others to be proud of it as well. The products that they create will  be served to the consumers family and friends and they want the server to be able to say with a smile exactly where the product came from.

The makers of Dei Fratelli tomato products, pasta sauces, and salsas are committed to safety , quality control, and flavor They are committed to be the very best They raise their product with quality, relationships and care from the very beginning and carry it through to the canning of their all natural products. They care about the customers and strive to bring the highest quality products to dinner tables and continue to look for ways to go meet the expectations and make the consumer pride of the dishes they prepare using the Dei Fratelli product.

My teens loved the Dei Fratelli salsa that we were sent for review awesome taste the thickness was perfect for serving with chips and you could actually see the rich ingredients in the salsa.

We had a ball reviewing the assortment of products that were sent to us for review. The pizza sauce was a hit and I have been told that the sauce was among the best that they have ever had. The sloppy joe sauce I felt great serving to the teens as it is one of their favorite meals but sometimes not knowing where the ingredients in the can came from gives me a bit of worry. My mother used to can and put up the needed tomato products so that we had them when needed. My busy world has us going in so many directions that I do not have time to do this for my own family. That is why I am happy to see that Dei Fratelli is there provide natural ingredients in wonderful sauces, tomato products, salsas and more.

Buy Dei Fratelli products online on their website located at

we were sent a sample of their product line for review purposes. The thoughts shared in this post are those of mine alone and were not influenced in any manner.

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