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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Focus Friday Updated To Tackle it Tuesday

Thats right my focus friday continues on. The weekend went great a few tears were shed but pride was in those tears. I can not believe how fast time goes by. Sunday I was a parent of a graduate and then switched to that of youth parent since were also having a wonderful dinner at church with profits going towards our church. We made quite a bit of money on this fundraiser. I made a great salad and cake to serve at the dinner and they were a hit. So after the dinner I was on clean up dinner. We have some teenagers that are very good at this as well.

This week we will have outfits to buy, hair to be done all for the graduation ceremony. Daughter has created the menu for the barbq but as you can guess her parents are responsible to make it all. More on this later

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Focus Friday

This week Focus Friday will be primarily on graduation services at church, dinner, and baccalaureate on Sunday. My daughters last day will be Monday and Saturday is large get together before graduation and then a great graduation. Oh what a wonderful day this will be. One week til my baby graduates. It is a sad and happy moment all wrapped up in one

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