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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Popatot Review and giveaway

I am a grandmother to a very special little girl named Katlynn. I try to make as much time for Katelynn as possible. I love to take her places where I go and I know that her mom and dad taker her places all the time. The one problem that we had when we took her places was that we could not carry all of her needed items with her. If we decided to take her places where we would stay for a while or walk around we would need her stroller, walker, as well as her diaper bags. Yes mommy packs 2 bags. It would get quite hectic and confusing. When I saw the Popatot it pleased me greatly. This great item the Popatot is so easy to store, transport and use it was a dream come true.

The Popatot will provide hours of fun for our little one. Since she is unsteady while sitting up the popatot provides just the right support to allow Katelynn to play while in an upright position. The great Popatot is a great item that can be folded up and carried in a bag no bigger than the one you transport your yard chair around in and takes up no more room than the umbrella stroller when folded up. What a great invention. The popatot truly carries a lot of punch in its small package.

The Popatot does for the little one what the recliner, remote and mini fridge does for a grown man LOL. The Popatot provides all the necessities at an arms reach and is built on a sturdy frame to support it all. Whether using indoors or outdoors the Popatot is great for any location. If using outside the canvas covering on the Popatot will protect the baby's feet from itchy grass, sand or whatever surface the Popatot is located on. In addition this great canvas will make for easy cleanup after use to help clean up any mess left behind. The great seat on the Popatot is sturdy enough for even the most movable child but yet is comfortable enough to sit and play for a while. With the ease of the toys and cup and snack departments the Popatot creates a ease of known sorrounding for the little one.

Popatot Promise to make safe, smart and tough Indoor/Outdoor products for your active child that are fun, inspiring, promote healthy growth, and a thriving playful experience says a mouthful about how they feel about Thieu great product. Therefore, I believe that the Popatot company truly is one of the top companies that make products for the little ones we love. The creators of the great Popatot product also promise that if the product they sell is not top quality and something they would use for their family then they will not sell it to you. What a great statement that is. I feel that truly shows care and pride in the products they sell. The Popatot company goes as far as guaranteeing this great product. WOW!!!!!!! How many companies would do that?

Our Story of the great Popatot goes something like this. I first saw the Popatot product while browsing the web. I was impressed by the look and convince that I wanted to share the information with others like you , my readers. I then wrote the company to see if I could review the great product. As a grandma to a great growing granddaughter I knew this was something that I truly wanted. The Popatot arrived in a box similar to an umbrella stroller box and I personally had no idea at first at what was in the box. I opened it and was very surprised. The Popatot came in its own transporter bag to ease in carry it around and storage. It could easily be stored under the bed or in my closet or since I have a fascination with using my porch corners for storage I placed it there. I just realized if I had a hook to hang up items I bet it could be placed there as well. Another idea to place on my hubby's honey do it list LOL. I tested it when Katelynn came for a visit she loved it and sat very well in it. She is a bouncy sprite little six month old baby girl. Princess I call her and for my little princess there is nothing but the best. The Popatot was easy enough to use inside the house but then my daughter who loved the product asked to borrow it. OH MY!!!!!! What was a mom to do say no it was MINE!!!!!!! or agree and let her borrow it. Well guess what i did. I let her borrow it. She took it to her husbands church basketball game and the Popatot kept Katelynn entertained while her daddy played. Now mommy,(my daughter) takes it everywhere they go. She has fallen in love with it and I do not see it staying in my corner of the porch any longer. The Popatot as we all learned is a necessary for the growing baby girl we called Katelynn. We believe if you tried it you would want it for your little prince or princess as well

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