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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Celebrate with Cake Pops

If you are a cake lover this may be a day that you enjoy. It is a day to share cake pops, cake balls, cupcake pops and cake on a stick. Oh yes, it is a great day to take cake on the go. NO more excuses, except for the fact that the calories are still found in this cake on the go just like the regular slice of cake. However, the cake pop can now be found in an appealing shape, hand dipped in frosting and decorated to taste.
It is not known for sure who created cake pops. Some say it was Bakerella, a popular baking blog Cake pops came on scene around 2011 and were considered the newest and most popular confectionery food trend of the time. Want to make some cakeballs of your own?? Check out the recipe here

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