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Friday, March 29, 2019

Brazil Nut Shortbread Cookies #Recipe

Start by chopping 2 cups (500 ml) Brazilian nuts. Don't chop to fine as chunky is better in these cookies. But if you don't like chunks then by all means cut them to suit your taste . Add 200 g butter (at room temperature) to the nuts. Mix the nuts and the butter well. My butter melted because of the extreme heat of the day and the kitchen. Now add 1 1/2 cups (375 ml) of sugar and 1 teaspoon (5 ml) vanilla essence to the mix. Mix well.
Add 4 cups (1000 ml) flour and 1/2 teaspoon salt. Optionally, you can add 2 cups flour and 2 cups maizena/cornflour. This will make the cookie much finer and will result in a melt-in-the-mouth sensation. Using only flour makes the cookie a little more chewy. Both versions are wonderful. Mix well and roll with hands

Space the balls on a baking sheet and stick it in a preheated oven at 180°C for 15 minutes.

Put about two cups of icing sugar in a round bowl. Get a fork ready. As soon as the cookies come out of the oven, roll them in the icing sugar.

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  1. These cookies look so delicious. I love brazil nuts but never saw them in cookie recipes before. Can't wait to try them. P.S. Thank you for visiting our blog


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