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Friday, December 21, 2018

National Short Girl Appreciation Day

December 21st is not only the shortest day of the girl it also salutes the short girls
Girls that are under 5'5" belong in the short girl category. I stand 5'3" so I celebrate right along the other short girls in the world. Most of the girls in our family stand around this same height with many including my daughter and nieces being even shorter. Perhaps this would delight my mother in law who barley stood 5' but at times being short can be a bit challenging.

Challenges that short girls face are numerous. To start with clothing never seems to fit correctly. Pants nearly always need shortening as they are created with a 5'5" woman in mind.  There are some positives to being short

  • most males are taller 
  • legroom is achievable in tight places
  • there is some evidence that short people live longer
  • short women have been seen as ambitious, independent, and fiesty
If you are a short girl be proud and celebrate the shortest day of the year

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