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Friday, December 21, 2018

Forefathers Day

December 21, 1620 Plymouth Rock the Pilgrims land. They had reached what they thought of as the New World. For them it was a chance to escape religious persecution. The Mayflower had set sail in late fall from England. Another ship, The Speedwell, left at the same time but had to return to England. Thus making the Mayflower very crowded as the passengers of both boat crowded onto one.

The first year forefathers day was celebrated occurred in 1769.

King Charles had granted a charter to the Pilgrims to land where present - day New York is. The rough seas pushed the ship off course causing them to reach their destination. Winter weather was coming on strong and swiftly so the passengers and crew made the decision to remain in Plymouth While the Mayflower actually landed in Provincetown Harbor on November 21.

The group stayed on the ship for quite some time before moving inland to a more protected harbor. Reaching Plymouth December 21st. At this time of year the land was more than likely freezing. The ship supplies were likely low and many of the passengers were getting sick. Because of these reasons the Pilgrims knew they had to find shelter soon.

December 21st will always be a date to remember. The Mayflower voyage and founding of Plymouth Colony changed the course of the history of the world. That small ship carried 102 passengers and sailed to a new world. The search was for a better life and that search helped create America. In addition, the act of honoring their ancestors as  pioneers of democracy and freedom has long been a New England custom.

The state of Massachusetts tried to make Forefather's day a national celebration and the pilgrims the founders. The states of New England helped to bring the revolutionary struggle to reality. Forefather's day allows Americans to be seen as the underdog that fights back and wins.

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