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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Is Your Home Ready for WInter

For many of us winter has arrived and for others it will be there soon. The sub-zero arctic like temps are only helped out if you are prepared for them. Ice and snow have potential of damaging homes Smart thinking ahead of time may help you better protect your home. If you have not all ready done so then you need to quickly:

  • For heat's sake have your furnace professionally serviced. 
  • Inspect all windows and doors for leaks. 
  • Sweep the chimney. 
  • Clean out your gutters. 
  • Turn off any faucets outside.
  • Trim your bushes and trees.
  • Pad exposed pipes in unheated areas.

Having furnace and the a/c unit professionally serviced will help you prepare the home for seasonal changes If you live in an older home check the thermostat to ensure it is working properly. 

Windows and doors should be checked for leaks. Leaks and gaps can cause heat loss. Weather stripping around doors and windows should be checked and replaced if needed. If drafts are present a little caulk may be all that is needed. The goal is to keep the heat in and cold out. 

If your home has a fireplace be sure to prepare it for the cold weather season. The chimney and vents should be clean and in good condition. A professional is often needed for this task. Making sure your chimney is in good condition and ready to use will help prevent chimney fires and carbon monoxide build up. 

A job that I can clearly recall my dad and his list of to-do's each fall. On the list was cleaning the gutters. Clearing out any debris, leaves, dirt and sticks that could clog gutters and stop the drainage of rain and melting snow. If the water does not drain through the gutters it will go out of the house some how. This could mean home leaks While you are up cleaning the gutters take a look at your roof as well. Are there any missing or damaged shingles?? 

Have you ever had an outside faucet to freeze?? Simply not remembering to turn them off or leaving water undrained can cause pipes to burst. One issue that may cause outside faucets to freeze includes not disconnecting outside garden hoses. 

Rain, Ice and Snow can accumulate on trees, bushes and power lines. Making sure to cut overgrown bushes or trees back away from your house and electrical wires. The simple chore of trimming trees and shrubs will help to decrease the risk of property damage or interference with power lines. 

Any pipes that exposed should be padded. This is most important in unheated areas. Placing a bit of pad around pipes is easier than having to pay for water damage caused by frozen pipes later. This should include pipes in the basement, attic and crawl space. 

These tips are valuable and much less expensive to prepare than to have to pay for damage caused by winter woes. In addition you may want to stock up on sand, salt and other winter essentials you use at the house.

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