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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Happy Birthday to an American Hero Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone lived during a time of conflict. During the 1700s many civilizations were striving to live together without a lot of success. The American Revolution was keeping the colonist rather busy but they continued to push south and west. The movement disrupted hunting territories of Indian nations and sets off gruesome battles. Somewhere in the mix of all was Daniel Boone. Boone was born in 1734 to an all ready growing family. The sixth child born to a family would soon offer him 10 other siblings. 

Boone loved to search for what was out there. In 1769 he traveled on a 2-year hunting trip to Kentucky. By the Shawnee, the natives that lived there, thought of Boone as a trespasser who was there to poach on their hunting ground. Boone was stopped the natives took the skins he had and ordered Boone to leave the area. But Boone did not listen and in 1773 found his sons captured by the tribes Delaware, Shawnee and Cherokee. They tortured his sons to death. 

The news did not stop Boone or others from immigrating the natives land. War would pressure the Cherokee to sell their land to Kentucky. Boone and his men blazed a new passage following early trails made by Native Americans. A Wilderness Road would be hacked out. The new road would travel from Northern Virginia to Kentucky. 

Boone would join the military. While away the Shawnee Indians would kidnap his daughter Boone would rescue her within days. Boone it seemed battled with the Shawnee but could live among them as well. 
Daniel Boone also spent time working in the legislation. Boone would die in 1820 in Missouri where he loved to hunt with the Shawnee. Many legends abound concerning Daniel Boone. 
It was 284 years ago that Daniel Boone the great long hunter was born. The skill of this hunter as well as his charisma put him into leadership roles. As leader of the Ohio Valley frontier during the American Revolution he made his country proud. 

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