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Thursday, November 1, 2018

boxers or briefs

O.K ,, lets face it we all may have to one day purchase underwear for the opposite sex. Yes, there is reasoning to it whether we buy if for someone who is unable to or as a gift that someone has requested we may all want to recognize the difference between them and what we would select if we had to wear them. So today we take a look at that age old debate of Boxers or Briefs.

Many say that the trunks offer comfort and support at the same time. Others say that boxers offer more comfort and great leg movement. Yet, lots not forget the common wedgies that occur with loose fitting boxers. Briefs often leave the male feeling a bit undersized as briefs may make a male look fat in front. Perhaps the best answer is boxer brief that offer support without diminishing assets.

Now that we have found a possible answer to the first question here is another to think about. What color should we buy??

  • white is a common color for mens boxers or briefs but also show stains easier than other colors
  • will you buy bottoms to match the tees?? If so what color tee are you purchasing?? White will smooth out appearance and can not be seen under shirt. Also consider how white tees will show sweat and need to be recycled every other month or so

One of the most important things to consider when buying drawers is size. Too big or too small is what you do not want to consider. Waist band and leg bands need to be loose enough so not to constrict and you don't want sagging either. You want to ensure you have a good fit on your underwear.

Generations ago the best answer to the question boxers or briefs was neither "I wear long johns" The world has changed and along with it comes new styles the best style is the one that you like the best

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