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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Did You Know ==== Down Syndrome

Every October you will find those involved in the Down Syndrome organization celebrating National Down Syndrome Awareness MOnth across the country. It is a chance to not just bring awareness to needs but to celebrate the abilities and accomplishments of individuals with Down Syndrome.

That someone would be the son of a good friend and co-worker. My friend gave birth to 1 boy with Down Syndrome and 3 girls without. I believe that he was quite spoiled and loved by all. He has many talents and has made us all proud. The day is to applaud the hard work of parents, self advocates, medical professionals, researchers and educators. It honors the individuals who step out and above in the community of Down Syndrome.

Facts about Down syndrome:

An Individual with either a full or partial extra copy of chromosome 21 is born with additional genetic materials that causes characteristics associated with Down Syndrome. There are 3 types of Down Syndrome

  • Trisomy 21---- 95% of all cases of Down Syndrome
  • Translocation ----- 4% 
  • mosaicism --- 1%.
One in every 691 babies born in the United States are born with the chromosomal condition Down Syndrome. This accounts for about 6,000 each year Currently there are approximately 400,000 people living with Down Syndrome in the United States.

Down Syndrome does not discriminate and occurs in all races and economic levels. The age of the mother seems to be discriminatory factor. 

Individuals with Down Syndrome are at an increased risk for medical conditions such as congenital heart defects, respiratory, and hearing problems. Childhood leukemia and thyroid conditions seem to be common diagnoses for those born with Downs as well. Most children with Down Syndrome live healthy lives but there are some physical traits in individuals with Down Syndrome :
  • low muscle tone
  • small stature
  • upward slant in eyes
  • single deep crease across the center of palm  

Individuals with Down Syndrome are just unique individuals. They may have all, some or none of the listed characteristics Thirty years ago the life expectancy of individuals with Down Syndrome would only live to about 25 years of age but today it has increased to 60 years. Life is similar to the ones of those individuals who do not possess Down Syndrome. They attend school, work, participate in decisions affecting their lives, have relationships, vote and have social lives as well.

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