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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Cookie Monster Do You Know Who He Is

Monsters are normally scary and ugly but there is one monster that is neither of these things. If you are cookie then you should watch out, otherwise you may be like me and love this monster known as the "cookie monster".

The Cookie Monster is one of the main characters on Sesame Street. He is covered in blue fur and his major facial feature is a pair of googly eyes. He lives up to his name with a major craving and appetite for cookies. When searching for cookies he often devours everything that he can find from food to letters to flatware and everything in between. He is a loud eater making sensational chewing noises.

If you ever have a chance to talk to the Cookie Monster he will answer in a deep, growly voice often using the phrase "Me Want Cookie!!!" The Cookie Monster is also the host of Monsterpiece Theater

Cookie Monster's early life was developed via Jim Henson's Designs and Doodles In 1966 There were originally three monsters who were featured eating crunchy snacks, the ad was never aired. All three monsters had a future in the Muppet cast.

In 1968 a Cookie Monster character appeared on a series of commercials selling Frito Lay chips.

The blue fur first appeared his first time on Sesame Street. He appeared as a no-named monster. He had yet to earn a name or grow fame. The scene that helped create the cookie monster was when he appeared with Ernie continuously nipping his milk and cookies. Yet another scene, included the Cookie Monster appearing on a game show where he chose cookies over a luxurious prize.

The no-named monster eventually was named "Cookie Monster" and is a beloved character favored by many. There are a few concerns that some parents have

  • his babyishness personified
  • Cookie monster does not always use good grammar skills 
  • the eating habits are very un-ordinary

The cookie monster does try to convince watchers that a balanced diet is better to enjoy and only enjoy cookies as a "sometimes food" So what do you think?? Do you love cookie monster as much as I do??

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