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Monday, October 1, 2018

Racoon As A Pet May NOt Be A Good Idea

Through the years I have seen all sorts of animals become pets. These pets were all loved by  someone but let me allow a warning, not all animals are pet material. One animals that is often made into a pet comes from nature, the racoon. While they appear cute and cuddly they really do not make good pets. (not to touch on any toes as I said many different animals are pets and loved by someone, I am just offering a warning to give something to think about)

First, did you know that it is illegal to take any animals from the wild?? There are baby raccoons that ore offered for sale by licensed exotic animal breeders.

Raccoons require lots of supervision. By nature coons are very clever and mischievous. When unsupervised a raccoon can destroy a home and its furnishings. Pet sitters may be hard to find as many will not sit with pet coons.
Likewise, coons can attack a human or other pets without warning.

Racoons harbor many disease and pose health risk to all around. Many vets will not accept racoons for this reason. Those that take on racoons for pets must be able to care for them their entire life as they will not be able to survive in the wild on their own.

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