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Monday, October 1, 2018

Help Stop Bullying

Many times when bullying takes place there is at least one bystander present. Don't let that bystander be you, and if it is you do you know what to do?? There are things believe it or not that parents and kids themselves can do to prevent bullying.

First of all everyone , no matter who, should be treated with respect. Not thinking about what you say or do could hurt someone, that would make you a bully something we all know you don't want to do. Never be mean to anyone. Everyone is different and if you need help to understand talk to an adult that you trust they should be able to help you. If you do accidentally hurt someone then you should apologize.

If you are ever bullied then look them in the face and tell them to STOP!!!! Another method is to laugh it off, this may just surprise the one bullying you. If neither of these things work or you are afraid then simply walk away. There is no need in fighting, find an adult and tell them about the bullying that took place.

If you are being bullied or have been bullied first tell an adult. The bully wants you to stay quite but telling an adult can help you feel secure as well as make a plan to stop the bullying. If the bullying takes place at one place then avoid the area. If you must be around the individual bullying you then stay near adults and other kids. Bullying often takes place when adults are not around.

If you witness bullying or know of someone bullying another person then it should be your duty to report it to a parent, teacher, or another adult you trust. If adults are not aware then they can do nothing about it. Make friends with the kid being bullied, try to include them, invite them to sit at your table or in your seat on the bus. Simply including them may help build their self esteem.

Stand up against bullying by finding out when and where bullying happens. How can you help others. Share your ideas with friends. As a group go talk to your teacher, counselor, coach, parent or other adult in charge. Is there are way to start a group to stop bullying. Perhaps, a school safety committee.

Another form of bullying that takes place is Cyber Bullying Here are some ideas to get it stopped Remember adults should always be told so they are aware of what is going on

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