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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Lace Decorated Candles

Have you ever noticed how mystic lace can be?? These lacy candles are both elegant and yes, a bit mystifying as well. The flameless battery type candles work great as well and are safer. As you know October is also fire prevention month. To make these candles you will need:

Flameless (better), or no-drip pillar candle
Black lace
Craft glue, or spray adhesive
Candle holder
Water base craft varnish (optional)
Flat paint brush (for varnish, if using)

Flameless candles are great for this project. The glue may deteriorate due to the candles heat.

Start by cutting your piece of lace to size so that  it fits and wraps around the candle tightly. Leave a slight overlap in back of candle Around the edges of the lace place small dots of glue or spray the back of lace with spray adhesive. Use the water base craft varnish to help straighten the lace and make it look sharp

Decorate the candle any way you would like

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