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Friday, August 10, 2018

Which Pair Panties Best for You

The G-string is a type of thong underwear, they are also commonly wore at swimsuit. Made up of pieces of cloth, leather, or  for some plastic that covers or holds genitals, passes between the buttocks and is attached to a band around the hips.

The undergarment known as a thong is worn by women as underwear or can also be wore as a swimsuit bottom. Often work to ensure no visible panty lines or to increase one's sex appeal. The thong resembles a bikini with less fabric. The hip is more exposed in thongs than in bikini.

Tanga underclothing is located somewhere between a medium panty and a bikini. They are made up with small panels connected by strings at the sides.

The Brazilian cut panty has a lot to do with the back of the panty.  The front comes in a variety of styles the back is wider than a thong but covers less than a bikini cut. The sexy look shows part of the buttocks, and allows glimpse of skin. The brazilian style gently lays on top of the buttocks and does not ride up. This style has an apparent pantie line.

While I did not show description for each style I hope that you see that each is a bit different and can find the style perfect for you.

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