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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Taking Care of Baby Teeth

Cavities occur as a result from a surplus of bacteria caused by poor oral hygiene, excess sugar and starches and a limited access to fluoride. The enamel of a child's tooth will begin to wear down from the bacteria leading to the tooth turning brown or black as the cavity forms.

Many falsely believe that baby teeth are dispensable as they eventually lose baby teeth anyways. The truth is that baby teeth wiggle their way out of a growing child's mouth but they should not be viewed as less important. Untreated cavities in baby teeth may lead to more serious problems. If cavities are left untreated in baby teeth problems that may occur include:

  • extensive pain and discomfort
  • inability to eat properly
  • struggle with normal speech
  • sleeping problems
  • problems with self esteem and confidence

If cavities are left untreated the pain children suffer in addition to the dental issues that may occur down the road should help convince you that baby teeth need cared for. Diagnosing cavities in teeth demands a full checkup and dental x-rays if needed.

Cavities in baby teeth as well as regular teeth can be prevented through regular routine oral hygiene practices. Maintaining a balanced diet and regular 6 month dental checkups and cleanings will help as well.

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