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Monday, August 6, 2018

School will start here in the next 2 weeks and all ready even before the doors open the school supervisors know there will be certain issues that will have to be faced. These issues happen each and every year and include behaviors, students not doing as well as they could , truancy and the list goes on. Today, as far as this post goes we will take a look at the issue of truancy:

Truancy ===== unexcused absence from school. The number of absences allowed depend on both state law and the age of the offender. Truancy is recognized as a criminal act by all states and has been seen as a problem for schools, law enforcement and the community.

Truancy may result from substance abuse, physical abuse, mental and physical illness or poverty that impairs a child's ability to attend school. Children not attending school on regular bases may face other issues as well such as getting into trouble with police and future substance abuse issues. Students that do not attend school regularly are also in danger of falling behind which in return makes class harder and develops the desire not to attend class at all.

Schools that do not keep good records will have trouble finding truancy issues early on. Students may not get along with authorties including the teacher creating a lack of interest in the student to attend school. The student may also have a learning issue or be gifted either manner creating an unhealthy environment that is stressful. Pay attention to how students do in school can help this greatly. This often lays on the laps of schools but parents that are aware may notice struggles as well.

Issues that involve the students family life can create issues of truancy as wll. Perhaps parents work to much, do not understand the importance of education, or otherwise struggle to get students to go to school. Highschool issues include teen pregnancy and parenting as well. Health issue of students can lead to issues of truancy as well. Whether it be physical or mental health issues if not taken care of they can lead to future problems.

Truancy can be costly to society in that it may lead to criminal behavior, drop outs that in the future do not pay their share of income taxes due to unemployment. So what is it that we can do?? Take part in an established program created to reduce unexcused absences. These programs may be found at school, through the courts and through community programs. Getting parents involved is a good answer as well as calling parents if any problems do arise.

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