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Friday, August 10, 2018

Catfish Monrh

While these two fish may not be wanting to be "cat-fish" I know many that love to dine on catfish , including myself Whether we visit the river boat for a good meal of catfish or prepare our own at home catfish is something that we love to eat.

In the past catfish has been known to get downplayed by nutritionist and others. Some have even said that catfish is "dirty" as the catfish their selves are bottom feeders and often live in the muddy part of the river eating off the bottom. Farm raised catfish has a much more healthier eating habits.

Catfish also has some good points as it contains a large potion of our vitamin B daily needs, is low in mercury and is leaner than other types of fish.  Catfish is also more economical than other types of fish. So let the catfish go and enjoy some of the many ways catfish can be prepared.

Individuals that live in the Southern part of the United States know how to cook up some good catfish. While the most common method is deep-frying, catfish can also be grilled, baked and pan fried. The fish is mild, with a sweet flavor and is less flaky and denser than other fish.

What you may or may not know about catfish

  • .Most Catfish are found in fresh water.
  • U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish is a lean fish.
  • Catfish are distinguished by the presence of barbels, or "whiskers"; the lack of true scales.
  • Catfish is an excellent source of protein. 
  • Fresh water catfish are usually egg layers and will watch over their eggs until they hatch. 
  • Most catfish have small eyes and rely on taste, smell, and hearing. 
  • Catfish is low in saturated (bad) fat and is a moderate source of polyunsaturated (good) fat and omega-3 fatty acids.  
  • U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish is the No. 1 farm-raised finfish in America. It is also the fourth most popular fish in the U.S. 
  • Many catfish are inactive during the day, coming out to feed at night. 
  • Ninety-four percent of all U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish is raised in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. 
Hillbilly Catfish (recipe resource here )

7 small catfish or 5 whoppers
1 cluster of salt dat fits in da bottum ah yor hand
bout-- 2 cups ah self risin Cornmeal
some pepper cordin ta how much you like pepper
corn oil or veggie oil
Moonshine to wash it all down wit

Gt' yor gear yor dog and yor milk goat and head down to da rivers edge.  Ty da goat up and let'er eat a nice clean spot ta do yor cookin at while ya fish.  Once ya catch a whopper....... whollip him and skin him and cut out his floats to take back to the youngons ta play wit.
Take that bucket dat'ya brout and milk yer goat. Den toss datt skinned fish in it to sit for a spell while ya fish for more.  Tell yer dog to sit there and watch over it so no other cridders come and eat the fish.  Now built yer fire and let your black iron skillet start ta warming while ya fish some more.  Once you catch a bucket full- ah- soakin......... then yor ready furr fryin.
Now take ya hat off yor head and pore some cornmeal in it and some salt and pepper.  Take each fish out of the milk and slang a bit of it off so it wont be soppy.  Put dat fish in yur hat and shake it till its all coated in cornmeal.
Fill yor black iron skillet with oil and when its sizzlin..... den flop dat fish in it to cook. Do this till all the fish are cooked.  You can den let yor dog drank the goat milk if he wants.
Now here come the best part.  Da Soppin Gravy!  While dat skillet is hot....... take that corn meal left in yor hat and put some in the skillet to brown real good in all that oil dats left in it.  Once its startin to smell almost burnt but it aint, then ya take the skillet off da fire.  This is fineeeee eatin when it come to soppin yor bread in it or spreadin the thick stuff on a piece of loaf bread and eatin it with yor fried catfish.  My Nanny taught me how ta do it and if you aint ate this yet den yor in for a fancy treat for shoreee!

While In Southern Illinois you will want to stop by the E-Town River Boat to get some delicious catfish. It is located right around the bin in Elizabethtown Illinois. The restaurant is truly floating on the river and welcomes guest from all over that come for a visit. While the catfish is truly a number one dinner platter here you may also love the views from the Ohio River as well. Historic Elizabeth town host the oldest hotel, river front an \d in our opinion best catfish in the state of Illinois. 

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