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Friday, August 10, 2018

It Takes 2 To Raise A Child

It takes two.....
To do so many things a duo is needed. To dance the waltz, to complete knock knock jokes, to get married, and to have a child. When a child is born into this world because it took two individuals to create it should take two take care of the new life as well. Often this means that one "parent" will be paying child support to help take care of the child's needs. 

Child support is the continuous , periodic payment made by either co-parent for the financial care of their child. Divorce, separation, dissolution of marriage, or annulment often brings about child support. 

In the state of Illinois a parent must be the child's legal parent to be required to pay child support. There are a few different ways this can be established:

  • DNA testing that results in showing parentage
  • married woman and man before child born where husband is considered father
  • married after child born but husbands name placed on birth certificate

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