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Friday, June 1, 2018

Take Your Kids Fishing

A few things to get your child started on their hobby of fishing would include: 

Accidents are bound to happen in life but fishing accidents may be avoided if you play the game right. What game?? Safety game, the game is played best when you stay on side of caution. One main thing to do is to help watch over children at all times, the second rule would be is set an example that your child can learn from. A few other rules includ:

  • children always fishing with adults
  • if you fish on the water in a boat life jackets should always be worn
  • If a storm should happen shelter should be found. Thunder is a good sign to get away from water
  • Children's eyes and skin should be protected on sunny days. Sun will reflect off of water surface making it easy to get a sunburn or eye damage. For these reasons be sure to wear protective which includes: hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses
  • teach children about hook safety not letting their hook get near anyone and to look around before anyone cast Barbless hooks or pinch down the barbs on your own hooks

Anglers pledge to:

Have a valid fishing license for all members of your party.
Understand and follow state and lake-specific regulations. Compliance to regulations directly plays a role in sustaining a healthy recreational fishery and benefits fishing for the future.
Strive to keep the watershed clean and minimize the impact you may have when fishing. Avoid degrading stream and lake banks and properly dispose of debris and trash, including monofilament line.
Respect property and share waters respectfully with others.
Avoid the introduction of aquatic nuisance species to protect the integrity of Illinois lakes and streams. Prevent the transport of unwanted plants, fish, and other aquatic animals by thoroughly cleaning all recreational equipment and disposing of live bait in the trash.
Practice best handling guidelines for catch-and-release fishing. Fish should be released with minimal harm help ensure post-release survival and promote healthy fish populations.
Keep no more fish than needed for consumption.
Take care when anchoring to minimize damage to the aquatic environment. Be aware that there may be nesting fish close to the shore during the spawning season.
Preserve the sport fishing tradition by sharing knowledge, skills, techniques, and ethics. Help others to understand sound fisheries conservation practices

resources used include
fishing in Illinois

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