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Saturday, June 2, 2018

All Pollinating Bees Welcome

Many people do not like bees but to a gardener bees are useful workers that are often welcome. Bees are natural pollinators and if there were not bees there would be much less flowers, fruits and vegetables.

What attracts bees:
Nectar--- energy to a bee. Nectar is loaded with sugars and is a vital part of a bees diet
Pollen --- pollen is found in plants naturally and is protein and fat to a bee. The bee needs pollen to have a balanced life

Welcome bees into your garden, they will help increase pollination and give you more flowers.

The more variety of flowers in your garden the more a bee wants to visit. The more types of plants offers bees and butterflies more pollen and nectar. Choosing plants that will last the entire growing season is a great idea as well.

The more colorful your choice of plants and flowers are the more they will attract bees. Bees have great colour vision and love plants that are blue, purple, violet, white and yellow.
Keeping flowers in clusters will help to attract more bees as well as make your planters and beds look great.

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