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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Many Uses of Paper Clips

May 29th is the day that the paperclip, loved by office workers every where, is honored. The piece of curved wire that keeps papers together and helps keep the office organized is being offered its day of honor. 

The early office museum finds that Samuel B. Fay from the U.S. was the first to patent the "bent wire paper clip" in 1867. There are reports that the paperclip may have been used prior to this date as well. Fay created the clip to attach tickets to fabric. Prior to 1899 there were as many as 50 other similar designed products patented. Erlman J. Wright patented a clip to be used for advertising and fastening newspapers in 1877. 

The Gem paperclip from Britain in the 1870s was created by The Gem Manufacturing Company. The product was never patented but is still in use today. In the late 1800s and early 1900s the Gem paperclip was brought to America where a registered trademark of "Gem" was created. The paper clips of today come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Paperclips can help dress up your paperwork making it more fun and lively. There are many things that can be done using paperclips a few include: 

Replace a zipper tab
Unclog a spray bottle
Unclog a single serve coffee maker
Hem holder
Emergency hooks for broken necklaces
The Paper Clip Project

The paper clip has even been useful in wars. It was during W.W. II that the small office supply provided a visual method of protest. Norwegians were persistent in the development of symbols. The paperclip represented "sticking together" against the Nazis. The paperclip would  be worn to outwardly send a signal When it was noticed by the Nazis the practice was banned. 

In 1998 middle school children and a language arts teacher as well as an associate principle would begin a project known as the Holocaust Education Class. The class was voluntary after school class that was created to help build a foundation of tolerance and diversity.  The story of the Norwegians had inspired the students. It was decided that a paper clip collection would begin and six million clips were collected.Each paper clip represented one Jew that perished during the Holocaust. The class and collection became known as The Paper Clip Project. Find more information at

Lets think about this for a minute?? I know there are a few things that all paper clips have in common

Here are a few great ideas that I found on a search of the great www.

Need an easy way to hang decorative plates?? How about using a rubber band and 4 paper clips.

are you a bit artistic?? Paper clips can be made into many different types of jewelry

Don't you hate it when you loose a button and don't have a safety pin?? Next time be creative and use a paper clip easy enough to do

these ideas and others can be located here

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