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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Protect Yourself From The Sun

One of the dangers that exist is seen often year round. Warm weather season is one that sees it affecting humans. While, it can affect skin year round, the sun is a powerful tool that can hurt an individual more than realized. Sun Screen is one way to protect one self as well as those that we love.

May 27th is a day that helps bring awareness to the use of sun screen. Sunscreen can be used to protect yourself and those you love from harmful UV rays from the sun. Sunscreen day occurs just prior to vacation.

Ultraviolet rays from the sun is a serious risk to your health. The steady depletion of the ozone layer above the earth, more and stronger UV rays get through. Overexposure to the sun can happen easily cause a number of health problems. The rays can cause skin cancer, sunspots, and premature aging of your skin.

Doctors and medical professionals advocate the use of sunscreens, to guard against health problems. A sunscreen with skin protection factor of 15 or more is recommended. Use sunscreen when participating sports, outdoor for an extended period of time or swimming. Yes, there is sunscreen that is waterproof. Sunscreen should be used on cloudy days as well because UV rays can go through clouds.

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