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Friday, June 1, 2018

Looking for a fun way to serve drinks in the heat of the summer?? An ice cold drink may do the job to keep us cool but a drink with cool ice cubes will provide fun as well. It can also be a fun time to get kids in the kitchen as well. Funky Time created and shared a great way to have a bit of fun and drink as well. The refreshing drink with gummy bear ice cubes offers you a little snack when the ice cubes melt.

Ice cube trays
Gummy bears (or turtles, or fish, or any kind of gummy candy you prefer)
The Recipe:

Place your gummy candies into the ice cube trays – one per cube.
Fill your ice cube trays with water and place into the freezer.
Once the cubes have frozen solid, toss into your favorite summer beverage. That’s it!
This summer, keep your kids engaged and trying new things with these awesome candy creations. Even if you’re only cooking something once in a while, you’ll be making fun memories that your children are sure to cherish for years to come – and you’ll get a something sweet to eat, too!

recipe resource here

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