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Friday, June 1, 2018

Farmer Market

For those of us who never quite get a garden in the ground, want to see what others are growing or simply are doing a bit of grocery shopping I have great news for you. The Farmers Market is open!!!!

The farmers market where those that have to sell go to sell and those that want to buy go to buy. What is it that they are selling and buying?? How about fresh fruit and veggies, meat from the farm, crafts, baked goods and much more. In the case that you was not able to put your garden in the yard this year the farmers market is the next best thing. Have you visited a farmers market before?? Do you know where there is a farmers market located close to you?? Search here 

Most farmer markets will only take cash. Some vendors may accept credit cards or EBT as well. Limit yourself to how much you want to spend, take only that amount. If you want best selection at the market know what times and days the farmer market is. Being early may allow you to choose the best. In the same manner, if you are looking for a bargain shop later in the day, prior to the market closes. 

One of the favorite finds here at our local farmers market is fresh honey straight from the hive. First thing I do when visiting my farmer market is to do a bit of scouting. Take a minute to take a walk around your farmer market, see what all they have to offer, what is available and who has the better choice and price. 

Prepare to go to the market. Will you be traveling or is it just a walk away for you?? A cooler is something you may consider taking with you. You can keep the fruit and veggies cool and fresh Vendors do not alway bring enough bags so that may be on your short list of items to bring as well. Lets see the top 3 things to bring with you to the farmers market

  • cash
  • cooler
  • extra bags
Vendors at farmer markets normally know everything about the products he or she sells. Ask questions , what is it that you want to know?? They should be able to tell you how it was grown, how long it can be stored and great ways to use the fresh items you purchase. 

If you know of a great farmer market in your area share it with your friends. Sharing all about the great farmer market, new foods that can be found there, and what products are available will help the market grow. Many of the vendors at the farmer market are just that farmers or home gardeners. 

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