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Monday, September 11, 2017

Bleeding Heart Plant

The bleeding heart plant is one of my favorites. I can recall both my mother and grand-mother having bleeding heart plants in their own yards. These plants love shade and have beautiful foliage and blooms. Bleeding heart plants are native to the woodlands of the United States and Canada. They can grow to the height of 1 to 3 feet tall. The most visual remembrance of this plant are the colorful heart shaped flowers of pink and white. There are also varities with colors of red, rose, yellow and purple. Hummingbirds are attracted to the Bleeding heart plant. 

Bleeding heart plants can be started from seed but are easier grown given a start from an all ready grown plant. Transplants can also at times be found in the garden center with other plants. Plant in spring to early summer in part sun or part shade on well drained, moist soil spaced about 1 to 2 feet apart. 

You may find this plant under the name of Valentine flower as well. No matter the name be careful as the plant is poisonous and may cause skin rash and irritation. The plants can be toxic in large quantities Take care that this plant is not near pets or children. 

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