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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Gardening like a Detective

Gardeners have many talents and having detective skills is on the list. Finding the problem with the rose bush or veggie plant is just part of it. It may be pests, nutrient deficiencies or inadequate watering. Knowing what to do about it when you find out what the problem is the gift.

Holes in leaves, small webs on the plant can be tell tall signs of pests in your garden. The underside of leaves is a great place to look for bugs like aphids. Store bought insecticidal sprays or homemade sprays can help them keep in check

Two things that plants need to perform photosynthesis are water and sunlight. Without these two needs trouble is sure to be around the corner. Poor sunlight can be spotted by leaves that are faded or droopy. If the plant is transported to a brighter location you may just find out the problem is solved. If the plants leaves are droopy and dry they most likely need water. You should slowly apply about an inch of water to the affected plant. However, if the leaves look wilted with yellow color in the leaf then the plant has most likely been overwatered adding a bit of sand to the soil should help here.

Doing a bit of work will help you find out what the problem with. A bit of detective work will help you find what you need to do to help your plant.

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