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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Crockpot Italian Chicken

(I used tenderloins I bought on sale and froze)

Spagetti Sauce from a jar
(I used part Barilla and part Ragu)

(I used whole wheat linguine)

crushed red pepper
italian seasoning
Lawry's All Season
onion powder
garlic powder

mozzarella cheese, grated
parmesan cheese, grated

In a crockpot, pour some of the spagetti sauce in the bottom of dish.  Place chicken on top. Cover with sauce. Bake on low until cooked through. (I threw mine in frozen and after 5 hours they were done. They might have been done earlier, but I didn't check!)

Cook noodles according to package directions.  In a saucepan, heat up some more spagetti sauce and season with the above dried seasonings. Heat until bubbly.  Place a little sauce in a baking dish; remove chicken from crockpot and place over sauce in baking dish.  Cover with more sauce and grated cheeses.  Broil in the oven until cheese is melted. 

Toss cooked and drained pasta with some the seasoned sauce.  Serve chicken over pasta.  Grate more parmesan over chicken and sprinkle with parsely if desired.

Sound easy enough?  Crockpots are so wonderful! If you haven't used yours in a while, dust off the cobwebs and get slow cookin!  They really do make life a little easier!

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