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Thursday, April 13, 2017

April 13th , 1743 was a great day as one of the important men in American history was born. Thomas jefferson  the drafter of the Declaration of Independence and the nations political theorist was born on that day. Without great men like Jefferson would the United States been developed?? 

Jefferson, one of the United States founding fathers, had a personality with character and love for the people. Jefferson played many roles including architect, philosopher, musician and essayist. Jefferson had a love for fossils and a large collection of them as well. I personally envy him for this as I love to get in nature and find fossils such as this. 

Jefferson had a every day simple man relaxed attitude. His desire to be seen as a common man was reflected in the way he would welcome guest at the White House. He was said to be seen in a robe and slippers He demanded and backed freedom of speech and religion and denounced oppressive government. He believed that presidents before him had used the office like a monarch. He argued against strong federal government that included a national bank and strong federal military. He feared that creating such objects in government would lead to tyrannical leader that would be against American citizens. 

Jefferson did take part in smear tactics against political opponents. He would do this in print using a pseudonym. He also helped fund the anti Federalist press. Jefferson desired the abolition of slavery but owned slaves that worked his plantation. He treated his slaves well and some say that a slave named Sally Hemings was Jefferson's lover. Together it is believed that they had a child. 
Jefferson died July 4th 1826

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