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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Equal Pay Day

Can you believe even in the 21st century Women are still not paid equally to others. Women for many many years have been fighting to solve a problem that has existed far longer than what it should. Why women are paid far less for doing the same job is beyond my knowledge. Equal pay day encourages everyone to spread the word and help the fight for employment equality for everyone.

I believe in equal pay for equal work. A set standard should be created that pays according to how much or what work is done Everyone included should be paid accordingly. Te fight for true employment equality for everyone including women.

The Equal Pay Day was created in 1996 by the National Committee on Pay Equity. They wanted to bring awareness of the ongoing issue with the gender wage gap. Society has devised a system that creates factors that are directly related to unequal properties.

This issue exists in many countries and thus should be discussed. The date of Equal Pay Day is changeable. It is celebrated on the day in the year when a woman would have finally caught up with her male contemporaries wages from the previous year. This amount varies each year and in each country.

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