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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Mary Did You KNow

One of my all time favorite decorations at Christmas is the nativity scene. As we all that believe know that this was not a decoration hundreds of years ago but rather a scene that played out in reality. Can you imagine that first Noel?? That blessed night when the Emmanuel was born?? The "King of Kings" the most righteous among us was born into this world as flesh and blood. Here he would live to tell the story and one day die for all of our transgressions.

Recently the jail ministry has been on my heart and I often wonder how those mothers feel. The mothers of those in prison or those on death row. Perhaps they had did their best raising their child and yet they stumbled and ended up in a great deal of trouble. Those dreams that she had as she cared for her baby as she wondered what they would be like still and always will be on her mind. Can you imagine Mary as she knew in her heart that she would be giving birth to the baby Jesus?? She was carrying God's son and she had to know that her child would do something important one day.

One of our favorite songs "Mary Did You Know" allows us to wonder how she felt as she cared for her baby boy. Joseph the simple carpenter man who knew that Jesus was not his child and yet cared as if he were. A man with a servants heart would take the responsibility to raise the Savior of the World. In return they would be given the grace of God and the privilege of loving Jesus. They took pride in the gift that they were given. The entire world was given a gift of the baby Jesus being born. This Christmas take a moment and think about the Christmas story and thank or heavenly father for the gift he gave the world.


  1. I love this version of Mary Did You Know, i think it is one of my favourites.

  2. And it was written by a wonderful talent named Mark Lowry :)


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