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Monday, December 19, 2016

Building Life Skills In The Kitchen

There are many benefits of getting our children into the kitchen. The benefits include those that will benefit us as  parents and many that will benefit children in the future.

Kids build confidence when working in the kitchen. As they travel through life they will find many things that they can not do. Most kids today can be found somewhere on an electronic device. So why not invite them to the kitchen where they can become your partners in getting the kitchen cleaned and meals fixed. Opportunities to help are many and the skills and contributions increase their confidence as they grow.

Teaching our children how to work in the kitchen offers them a helping hand in the future. Learning lessons when young will set a foundation to develop healthy habits and gain ability to cook for themselves in the future families when they leave home. One of these benefits of learning to cook is better health.

Knowing how to cook food from scratch makes it less likely for them to turn to processed foods. Homemade meals taste better and are more nutritious. The time spent together in the kitchen preparing meals allows you to have great family conversations as well.

Getting your kids in the kitchen can benefit you as well. Assigning jobs that help in prep of the meal will help you save time and not put the workload on you. Teaching from a young age will help them grow into strong cooks. This also helps to build great cooperation with each other.

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