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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Mulled Wine

National Mulled Wine Day is on the 3rd day of March each year. There is nothing more enjoyable on a rainy, cold and damp night like tonight than a warm sip to say good bye to winter and get ready for spring. 

Rome first served the warmed wines known as mulled. It was around the 2nd century and the Romans traveled the continent. The Romans through their explorations would share the mulled wine recipes with others. England, Germany, The Netherlands and Austria are all areas that the mulled wine would be shared with.

Sweden and Norway refers to the mulled wine as Glogg Germany calls it gluhwein. The French and Italian also call it by other names. The drink is normally served during the holiday season and as a festive drink. Bonfires and parties also serve up the mulled wine. 

There are many recipes for mulled wine. Red wine is used in most recipes. The trick is that the recipes add a variety of mulling spices. Ginger, cloves, cinnamon and anise are all considered mulling spices. Fruit may be added to the recipes as well. The most popular fruits are orange slices, raisins or cranberries. The drink is always served warm but may be served piping hot as well. 

This mulled wine can also be served in a crock-pot, after you strain the boiled mixture, to keep hot for a party. Some recipes may suggest floating orange slices on top while you keep the mulled wine hot, but if the slices are left in too long, the wine can become bitter.

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