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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Preparing for Spring Break

The weather is getting warmer outside and soon it will be time to get away just for a bit. While my dream this spring is to head to Tennessee many others will be heading to the beaches and else where. Where is it you will go??

Make it a great spring break by planning ahead. Visit a booking agent to see what is available. Are there hotels where you will be visiting that has deals going on for spring vacation?? What about a car will you take your own , rent a car or maybe its time for a plane ride. A road trip is always nice to get out and see what is there but an airplane will get you there quicker.

If a road trip is what you decide upon then plan your route out. What can you find along the way?? Is there any special attractions on the route?? A road trip is made extra special with fun stops along the way.

Leave the credit cards in your wallet for emergencies. Use your cash instead. Using cash will help keep you aware of how much you are spending. Plan a budget before the trip to help you know how much cash you will need.

Check out the area where you will be wanting to book a hotel. What is available?? Are there any deals for booking ahead of time?? What extras do they offer?? One of our favorites offers free breakfast, snacks in the evening, free popcorn and soda as well as 3 drinks per adults over age of 21. These extras help make our trip awesome. Look for hotels that offer what you may be looking for as well. Swimming pools,work out rooms, hot tubs, and other entertainment are great ways to have family fun within the budget.

One other great way to save money is entertainment books. Entertainment books are often offered at hotels and include coupons and deals for attractions, restaurants and other great places to visit.

Have a safe, fun and most importantly memorable spring break

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