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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Letter of Appreciation :: Coupons

To make ends meet in this day and time there are many of us who look for great deals. Sometimes we find a product that we truly love but perhaps it is a stretch for us to purchase. There is one proven manner in which to get a coupon for a product that you may other wise not be able to get. Write a letter of appreciation. Yes., that's right we all like to hear how well we do our job and companies are just like we are. They love to hear that a product of theirs is doing great and being enjoyed.

Here are a couple of sample letters. My advice is to write so that it will be original for you though, use the form letter to simply be an inspiration.

Sample Letter to manufacturer requesting coupons:

Hello, I am writing to let you know that we really enjoy using (name of product). (Write a few things you like about the product or how it helped in a specific situation, such as an illness or cleaning or just preparing.) We live on a budget and try to use coupons to help us stay within the budget. If you could send any coupons or samples of (name of product) we would really appreciate it. Thank you for such a wonderful product! Sincerely, (your name)

Dear (Company or brand) representative,

My family and I are loyal (Company or brand)customers, and we just love your products. While we are trying to stay within our strict grocery budget, we still like to splurge on (your ...or name the product) products once in a while. I would therefore like to ask, if it is possible to request coupons for your great products. If so, I would highly appreciate it.

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