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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Do you Know A Pet Sitter

When my friend found herself out of work she looked for a new job but was unable to find one that met with her needs and something that she qualified for. Living in a big city you would think she would find a job somewhere but it seemed a bit hopeless. Then she got an idea she would use her love of pets and offer her skills to other pet owners. Now she has her own business as a pet sitter. Have you ever thought of being a pet sitter? Let me share a bit about this job in case you are interested

Anyone who has a pet loves them and wants the best for them. Even if they do not have the full time to do the best for them they know their pet deserves it. Often pet owners look for help just as a mother of a young child would. It is here where pet owners will look for a worthy person to care for their pet during their absence. 

Pet sitters help your pet stay in their own home where they are secure. With familiar routines, diet and exercise your pet will be happier. There are kennels that can help you care for your pet but then they have the chance of being exposed to illness of other animals. As a pet sitter you and the pet will be happy offering each other love and attention 

As a professional pet sitter will help the pet owner by offering them a chance to not feel guilty about leaving their pet to go to work , school or to do errands. A pet sitter may become a home sitter as well if the pet owner must go away for a short period of time. 

IF this sounds like something you would like then go ahead and take that step to becoming a pet sitter. Let your friends and family know that you are available and offer your services. 


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