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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March Is Adopt A Guinea Pig Month

How cute is a guinea pig?? I know my mother does not think they are very cute. My aunt Tunie bought me one at a local festival when I was a kid. Well, my mom did not like it but she did not say that I could not keep it. I did not have it long though as we could not afford a cage. We placed my new pet in a cardboard box, to which it promptly chewed out of. For quite some time my mother would see the guinea pig run through the house only to be fed whenever he would come close enough to get the food she had or we shared what we had. 

The guinea pig belongs in the rodent family. While you may be led to think that they belong in the pig family the truth is despite their name they do not.

 They are from Guinea but were originally from Andes. They are domesticated animals and therefore are not found naturally in the wild. The Indigenous South American groups use guinea pigs as food, folk medicine, and community religious ceremonies. 

Western societies consider the guinea pig a household pet. The European traders brought the pets to the U.S. in the 16th century. Guinea Pigs are easy to care for which continues to make them a popular pet. Breeders have took up the plea to create guinea pigs with varying coat colors and compositions to make those looking for pets happy. 

March is adopt a rescued guinea pig month. These small pets have their own personality that I am sure you will admire. There are lots of guinea pigs out there looking for a family. You can look at animal shelters, petfinder or other pet source in your area. 

Before you adopt a guinea pig you may want to know that they take special care that is different than a cat or a dog. For instance they eat a diet of hay, veggies and guinea pig food. They often poop a lot so they will take a lot of cleaning up after. Guinea Pigs also often make a lot of noise. If you are up for the challenge then head out and find your special pet and enjoy life together

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