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Monday, February 29, 2016

Chemicals Among Us

Recently our daughters started to have some health problems. Upon going to the doctor they wanted to know what products we used to clean with as well as what they used to take their showers with I had no idea that we wold be changing all of the products that we bought. While this problem does not affect everyone it is here and many do not even know what it is that is causing it. Let me share with you a potential danger that may affect your life as well

There are so many things out there that are potential dangers to our selves and our families. If we are aware of what is in our environment we have more of a chance to offer protection and stay healthy. One thing is that we are not always aware of what is in the products that we use. Companies use chemicals to make cleaning and hygiene products and sometimes we are not always aware or know exactly what these chemicals are. 

One chemical found in shampoos, bubble bath, shower gels,and other products is Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) This chemical is potentially dangerous and tests have shown that SLS can lead to physical reactions such as coughing, wheezing, headaches, hair loss, skin rashes, and other uncomfortable reactions. Chronic headaches, dermatitis, wheezing can all be related to SLS. 

SLS is a known foaming agent and that is why it is used in soaps and shampoos as well as cleaners. It helps to reduce surface tension in water. In soap SLS helps break up the natural oils found on your skin. This makes it easier to wash and clean. SLS is also very harsh on skin so it is advised to not use soap with SLS on your face or other area where skin is tender. SLS is a skin irritant that is used in lab testing to induce skin inflammation. 

If you are experiencing symptoms that may be related to using SLS try eliminating the chemical from your daily use and see if it changes how you feel. 

Just because we purchase our cleaning products, moisturizers, shampoos off the shelf of our local supermarkets, and department stores does not mean they are a healthy and safe choice. Please check out the ewg at for information on the toxicity of ingredients used in our daily lives. This is a terrific resource for you to look up the products or ingredients of items you use. Take a look and start changing the way you feed your skin you may just find you feel and look better than you ever have!

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