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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Blazing Star Plant

The blazing star plant offers lots of great color and is perfect for border plant or a plant to be surrounded by other smaller plants. This plant is native to the area in America east of the Rocky Mountains. The blazing star does just that and stands proud at one to five feet tall with tall spikes with bright purple flowers.
The blazing star desires full sun but will compromise a bit and live well in part shady area. The plant desires rich, moist soil that drains well. It is best not to grow  in a soggy area as the roots will rot. When planting new plants they should be placed approximately a foot apart Add a layer of mulch around the plant  to help keep weeds down. Fertilizer should be added after the plant goes through the blooming period. Every few years separate the clumps of flowers. Do this by digging them up and separating the eyes with a sharp knife Each piece should have at least one eye. Replant plants

While this  flower is new to me I love the beautiful purple color and would love to have them in my yard. I would use them in corner spaces because of their height I believe they would be beautiful

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