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Sunday, February 16, 2014


When I was a kid it was very important to have several numbers near by the phone. One for the fire, another for police and yet even more for ambulance or poison emergencies. Sometimes knowing what emergency number to call could be confusing. Today it is a lot easier with one simple number 911 to call. Just by calling 911 you can reach an emergency dispatcher who can help you reach fire, police or ambulance.

When to call 911:
The only time 911 should be called is when a person is badly hurt or in danger.
For example:
a car accident, see someone committing a crime, someone is showing signs of heart attack or unable to breathe, if someone passes out, or if there is a traffic accident or there is a fire.

911 should never be called unless there is an emergency The dispatcher on the other end knows where the call is coming from and one can get in trouble for calling as a joke or continuous non emergency calls.

Parents should make sure that children know the rules of 911

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