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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Z. Daisy Blankie Bungie Review

One of our favorite things to do in the warm weather is to get outside and take a walk. The little ones  I believe enjoy it as much as we do. They of course get to ride in the stroller or wagon and we take a casual walk but we are all together and having an awesome time in the great outdoors. The only thing I can think that can irritate us all is if we use a blanket to cover our little ones up and it consistently falls down and onto the ground. Not only irritating to us because of constantly having to stop but also a bit dangerous as we are not always aware when the blankie drops and may run over it with the stroller or trip over it with our feet that follow quickly behind. There is a solution to this problem though and the solution has been resolved by Z. Daisy.

The Z. Daisy blankie bungie makes a big difference but is so small that it will not bother the passengar of the ride it is attached to. In fact the rider may enjoy the ride more knowing that their blanket will not fall. Not to mention those that are too small to realize why or where their protective blanket is going. Parents will love the simple to use clip as well that will attach easily to the blanket and stroller.

The blankie bungee works great in the car as well. How many of us have securely covered our little rider up or handed a blankie to a precious child and only have to continously pick it up because it slips and falls off. The Blankee bungie clip makes it where this will not happen and we do not have to worry about the childs blanket ending up in the floor. Mothers who breast feed will love the fact that it can be used to help the nursing cover up to stay in place making a private atmosphere with less worry of the nursing cloth exposing anything that they do not want exposed.

You can check out the blankie bungee and other great items at the Z. Daisy website. Also find Z. Daisy on twitter and facebook

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