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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Be A Champ At Small Business : Spark and Hustle book review

In this day and age when the goal of finding a job is becoming one tough goal my mind (and maybe yours as well) has began thinking about starting my own small business. Years ago starting my own business may have been something that would not have crossed my mind but now days it seemed like a possibility that would work well. Many others have dreams of starting their own dream business and that may be the very reason that will spark your interest. In fact recently I was able to join in a blog campaign and read the book Spark and Hustle by Tory Johnson.

At first her name Tory Johnson may not ring a bell. However Tory has been around for a while now working for national T.V. news til she was let go. It was after she was fired that she decided to start her own business networking companies with women who were looking for work theirselves. Tory led a Spark & Hustle series of conferances to help those women that were looking to start their own businesses. You may have also noticed Tory Johnson on the Good Morning America show  as well as uccess magazine.

The cover of the book reminded me of a series of books that my father may have read on how to subjects when I was a kid. Reading the book I thought at first may be dull and uncreative as many how to books are. There are many other businesses within the pages that share their own testimonies and stories and  makes this book a bit different than a how to but rather seems like a how we did it book. Seeing how others have done it and following along Johnsons guides and worksheet I can see how it can be done and have become very excited for a change of pace.

If you are a person who has a spark of interest in getting your own business together then you may want to get your hustle over and check out the book Spark and Hustle on amazon.

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  1. I just saw an interview with her today! Smart lady.
    Thanks for popping by FFL!


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